Johan Gigengack y Frederik en Amsterdam, 1964.

Contact person Erik Gigengack is committed to this research because of the close connections between the families. Frederik is a close friend of the Gigengack family for many years.

Persona de contacto Erik Gigengack está comprometida con esta investigación debido a las estrechas relaciones entre las familias. Frederik  es un amigo cercano de la familia Gigengack durante muchos años.

Créditos (credits)

Thank you David Pérez Camacho (writer of the book Yo Soy del Bulto) and Tony Bryant (writer of books about gypsies and flamenco) for your help with our search for Manolito and Aurora.

We are thankful for the translation from English to Spanish by Manuel Enrique Fernández. You can reach him through Upwork and Linkedin and.

We like to thank Ana García Novoa and Ad for their translation of texts to the Catalan language.